World Trade Press

World Trade Press is now available through the New Castle Public Library!

Explore the United States and the World!

If cooking is more your thing, you can explore recipes from across the USA and/or the world!

To access our newest database, click on the picture of the subject you would like to visit. This database can be used both in the library and from the comfort of your own home.

About AtoZ the USA:

AtoZ the USA  gives patrons the option to explore the country as a whole, or research a specific state or one of five US territories, AtoZ the USA will give patrons in-depth access to a broad range of topics, including:
*             Official State Animals & Plants
*             Historical Timelines
*             Modern & Antique Downloadable Maps
*             National Symbols
*             State Symbols
*             Food & Recipes
*             Demographics
*             Culture & Society
*             Geography Learning Resources
*             Government & Politics

AtoZ the USA is a great resource for school projects and/or patrons traveling the country.



About AtoZ Food America

AtoZ Food America is a database unlike any other on the market today. From regional cookbooks to an exploration of ethnic culinary influences, from fun collections of historic cookbooks and television commercials to “how-to” food preparation videos, AtoZ Food America has something sure to educate and entertain everyone.

Features Include:

*             Cookbooks for all 50 states
*             Cookbooks for six US regions
*             Cookbooks for each of 33 major US ethnic groups
*             700+ Ingredient Articles
*             100+ Historic cookbooks dating back to the late 1700s
*             3,200+ original TV food commercials dating back to the 1940s
*             Food preparation Instruction Videos
*             What Did They Eat? Articles
*             Bartenders’ Guide to Traditional Cocktails



About AtoZ World Culture:

AtoZ World Culture features in-depth information on 175 countries. AtoZ World Culture will gives patrons a level of insight into each country that cannot be found anywhere else. Categories include:

*             Culture & Society
*             Food & Recipes
*             Language Video Dictionary
*             Royalty-free Maps
*             Royalty-free Images
*             National Symbols
*             Business Culture
*             Music
*             Education

AtoZ World Culture is an excellent resource for student projects and a great companion for international travelers.


About AtoZ World Food:

AtoZ World Food is a food culture and traditional recipes database for 174 countries.


*             174 Countries
*             1,700+ Food Culture Articles
*             7,000+ Recipes
*             500+ Ingredient Articles
*             6 Food Glossaries
*             14,000+ Color Photos